Welcome Spring…

It was a BEAUTIFUL day today. The sun was out, the temperatures were warm, and there was an occasional light breeze blowing through. The dogs and I spent much of our day outdoors on the deck. I was cutting chicken wire to add to our current fence and the dogs were sunning. We have a couple of our chickens that have learned to jump the current fence and now that spring is here I don’t want them in our front flower beds scratching out all of my mulch.
Yellow n Purple flowers
So hubby and I are adding extra chicken wire to the top of the fence bent in to keep them from jumping the current fence. Hopefully the new wire will not allow them to jump up on the current fence posts and then over the fence, as they have been doing this winter. Once hubby got home we put up the new fence. The dogs helped us out supervising our work. Then we ran some errands enjoying a ride on all the back roads to our destination. Chase loved riding with his head out the window. Once back home we hung out on the deck together as a family. Hopefully we can have many more beautiful days like this… welcome Spring :)

Here came the sun… and now rain…

We finally had a beautiful day last Monday. It was sunny, got up to 60*, and the wind had finally calmed. The warmer air and sun dried up a little of the flood of rain and snow we had for the week before that. We went out finally to run some errands and were amazed at the flooded fields, streams, and properties we came across. While out we took the dogs for a little hike, their first of the year, and they just had a blast.

Chase face

Once home we cleaned out the chicken coop, picked up all the downed sticks, branches, and cleaned up the downed trees around the property. We were able to burn them and get the piles cleaned up that way. We tilled the garden and even planted some of the early spring vegetables. I hope they do well as I am looking forward to my garden to start producing again :) Yah for a spring day :)


Unfortunately, today just a week later we are having a lot of cold rain. We got out a little in the rain to work on the fence as we are adding to the top of the fence to try to keep the chickens in better. They are wandering out of the area we went them, we have clipped their wings, so we are going with plan 2 now. Hope your Monday is sunny and bright. Have a great week :)



New Neighbor…

We have a new neighbor… but not your typical neighbor. Our new neighbor is a horse that has come to live in our neighbors field.

horse 2

I think it is a buckskin and she is so pretty. When I went out and stated talking to her from a ways away she started towards me in a little gallop.

horse 1

She came over the hill and I started to see the top of her.

Horse 3

She beat me to the fence and started pacing waiting for me to get there.

horse 7

Back and forth along the fence she went.

horse 8

It was like she was saying “Hey hurry up”…

Horse 4

“I don’t have all day to wait for you to come visit me”

horse 5

So I went over and checked her out.

horse 6

She was quite a beauty and nuzzled my hand looking for a treat.

horse 9


I stayed and talked with her for a  minute.

horse 10

Her eyes had a kindness to them. They had a sparkle of either mischief or happiness too.

horse 12

Whatever it was as I turned to walk away I looked back and she was looking off in the distance and gave me a little neigh before lowering her head to eat.

horse 11

I’ll be back my new friend :)

Finally sun…

After another snow fall on Monday and another 8 inches on the ground the sun broke through today after some rain. After it dried up a little Baxter and Chase had a grand time out in the yard playing. Then when they were done Baxter spent some time sunning…

Baxter leaves
Chase on the other hand never seems to loose energy so he followed me around for all the chores outside then took his watch dog pose from the back porch. He stopped his job long enough for this photo ;)Chase porch
The chickens were in most of the morning because it was still chilly and raining. I didn’t want to have to worry about them while I was at work. When I got home I let them out and they just seemed joyful as they pecked around the yard.Chickn
Hope you saw some sun today and had a good week. Wishing you a blessed and happy weekend :)

Happy Snowy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello Blogging Friends… Hope you are having a safe and blessed St. Patrick’s Day.


In our neck of the woods we are having a very snowy and cold St. Patrick’s Day.

Snow shed

It snowed from 4 PM yesterday until about 2 today.


It took us about 2 hours to get things situated with the chicken’s, clean the driveway, and help our neighbor dig out his. Even with a snow blower it was a slow process as the snow was wet and caked up in the snow blower. The shovel was a better tool today ;)

Snow trees

The dogs had a grand time running all through the snow and by the time we got back inside they had tuckered themselves out. We had a quiet couple of hours while they took a nap. The snow has made it all white and pretty again. Despite the extra work, I don’t mind it, the snow makes for some peace in an otherwise too hectic world :)


It’s Snowing… Again…

I have officially lost count of how many times it has snowed this winter. I’m not complaining, I am grateful for the pretty snow and the peace it can bring to a day :) Shed snow

The dogs have enjoyed watching the snow from the front porch…

Feb 2014 005

I wanted to show you the yummy gluten-free pizza I made the other night. I made the crust from scratch and added some herbs and garlic to the crust and it smelled so good. Then I made pizza sauce to use on top, then added some goat cheese, sautéed kale, artichokes, and black olives.Pizza

It was a yummy pizza :) Even hubby had to admit it was a home run ;) Hope you are staying warm where you are :)

2 years…

I can’t believe I have been blogging for two years. I just received my notice from WordPress yesterday…
Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

I started my blog to have a place to share my life, my ideas, my animals, and keep track of life if we ever are blessed with kids. That way they can see where we started. In the past two years we have had ups and downs, trials and successes, joy and sorrow,  as everyone has had… I have grown as a person, a blogger, a friend, a daughter, a wife, and most importantly a daughter of the one true God :) I think back to some of my first followers who I still “blog with”, and to the follows that I have gotten along the way, my “blogging friends”. I value their comments, ideas, and support on my own personal journey. I also enjoy checking in on their journeys along the way. so thank you to each one of you who follow me, “like” my blog, and post a comment. Each comment or “like” brings special happiness and lets me know there are people out there who do care, are kind, and are happy just to click a little button to let me know I am on the right path :) Thanks to you all :)

Doggie Snow Day

The boys love it when it snows. They love to go outside and have some fun. When the snow is deep like it has been this past snow it makes things a little difficult, but they are ready to go when ever we go out to check on the chickens.

B and C 2

They follow us all around the yard guarding us when they hear a noise.

B and C 1

Baxter is especially keen to sounds and Chase to what he sees.

B and C 3

This snow has been especially fun for them, especially Chase who loves to follow the paths we have tunneled out for him.

B and C 4

We are trying to enjoy the snow as a family as we hear there is a hot summer on record for us, so we know when that comes we will be missing this cold (but not the wind ;) ).


We have more snow.. 17 inches to be exact.


It took us 4 hours to dig out our driveway and then go over to help our elderly neighbor dig out his. Our other neighbor came over with his snow blower and helped us out…


The snow was taller then Chase, but that didn’t stop him from trying to get over the snow banks as we dug out…

Chase jump

Baxter was a good big brother and blazed a trail for Chase to follow him into the snow…

Baxter and Chase


More pictures to come of the great 17″ snow.

Never ending snow…

More snow today… More predicted for Wednesday and Thursday… I think the Olympics have caused the excess snow this year to keep us all in a Winter Olympics mood. At least the bird are enjoying full feeders and this woodpecker is a frequent visitor.


He seems to like the soot blocks best.

Woodpecker 2

Bad thing about the snow is it is covering all the ice up, that just makes it slicker. Getting to and from the chicken coop has been an adventure in trying not to fall carrying the water bucket


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